Sacred Geometry in Architecture

Sacred Geometry in Architecture has been in use since ancient time.  From ancient Greece and Egypt to Pompeii, we see a continual use of certain patterns, shapes and ratios that represent a deeper religious and mathematical way, for ancient cultures, to connect to their respective God.  Sacred Geometry is commonly found in various types of religious structures from mosques, churches and temples and expressed in the form of relief, tiles, art, design and architecture. We see the use of number symbolism, to represent esoteric philosophies, other than for just for counting or calculating. 

Sacred Geometry in architecture is known to use a wide range of specific geometric proportions, all found in nature.  In Greek, the word geometry literally means, measurement of the earth. Geometry uses the fundamental laws of nature and can be expressed in design and architecture, in the purest sense.

The origin of Sacred Geometry is to design and build within a certain framework, which can include specific orientations, proportions and harmonic repetitions, often reflected in the natural world.

Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa brilliantly represented naturally occurring patterns, when he discovered the Fibonacci sequence.  This sequence of numbers is represented by succession that every number, after the first two, is the sum of the two preceding ones.  In essence, each series of numbers grows by each subsequent number.


The Fibonacci Principal is a natural universal proportion, that is in harmony with nature.  This perfection is seen in seashells, honeycombs, snowflakes, pineapples, ferns, sunflowers, pine cones and even the human body, among many other examples.

Buildings and interiors have a natural affect on the human psyche and physical well being.  It is natural that we are easily affected and influenced by our relationship or lack thereof to our outer environment.  Architecture and design have the capacity to enhance our spirits, our health and inspire us and invigorate our being.   Using Sacred Geometry, to enhance our homes and offices, can offer us an opportunity to be in touch with ourselves and our environment on a deeper level.  When we design, in relation to the natural world, our perspective changes and becomes in tune with the earth, its rhythms, patterns and seasons.

As designers, we have the capacity to honor the order in nature, to design and build in alignment with ourselves and universal law.  There is an ancient and profound connection between nature and human beings.  The more this symbiotic relationship is honored, the more humanity will have the capacity to innately be able to embody its true essence.