Why Hire an Interior Designer

Have you ever walked into a space and immediately felt comfortable, welcome, inspired or a host of other feelings?  These are some of the experiential sensations that an interior space can encompass.

Interior design works with the nuances of the human psyche to elevate a person's mood and set the stage for how a person chooses to live or work.

Interior design and architecture have an innate ability to transform peoples experiences, in their lives – whether they are aware of it or not. Have you ever experienced walking into a space and not feeling comfortable, because of lack of lights or a feeling of claustrophobic? There could be a myriad of reasons why spaces does not appeal to one person or another, aside from personal opinion.  There could be architectural or design flaws that intuitively human beings perceive, whether conscious or unconscious of the fact.

Aside from designing spaces that meet the needs of the occupants, designers aim to create spaces that embody comfort, beauty and safety.

Good design, immediately envelops a person into a sensory experience. 

Interior Designers are visionaries, by nature.  With the guidance of a trained eye, a home or business owner can trust that their vision and needs will be met.  Working with a designer not only offers a certain aesthetic, but also practical fundamental pieces like space planning, lighting design,  furniture selection/arrangement and color theory.  Best of all designers are trained to problem solve and offer creative thinking and solutions, as issues arise.  An interior designer can also project manage and design new construction as well as remodels. Designers are trained to work with a multitude of tradesmen/women from contractors, carpenters to electricians and plumbers.  This allows for fluidity on a project and for the clients' vision to be understood in the lexicon of each trades-person. 

There are specialties that designers can focus on such as feng shui and ecological interior design.  Specialties often are accompanied by credentials, certificates and/or degrees.  Most of these specialists perform the work of designers, but through the lens of their specialty. For more information on ecological interior design, take a look at my blog post Designing for a New Era.

It is not common for new clients to have never worked with a designer before.  The process is generally considered, by most, to be a luxury and out of their budget.  To their surprise, there are designers of all styles and price points.  Someone on a budget, could hire a design student, while someone else hoping for expertise and experience can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to upwards of $500 an hour.  Pricing is often reflecting on not only experience but also geographic location.

Hiring an interior designer can seems like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.  Asking friends and family for a recommendation is a great start.  There are excellent sites like Houzz and Thumbtack, that can also provide wonderful resources.  Beginning with email correspondence and/or a phone conversation is an excellent start, but there is nothing like meeting someone in person.  A meeting can speak volumes and help you decide who is the best fit for you.  Usually, meeting the designer at the job site will give you an insight into their creative process.  As the client discusses the project, the designer usually makes suggestions and offers ideas.  This dialogue generally, gives the client a better understanding of how the designer works and if there is a resonance between the client and the designer. 

Having an idea of what you are in need and want is very important, unless you are open to the designer have free reign.  An interior designer can serve as a guide in helping you navigate through the world of design, budgets and planning while offering you discounts and the opportunity to purchase items that are are only available only to-the-trade.  There are many nuances to this trade and having a well versed designer will keep the project on time, in budget, while offering a keen eye and expertise for every decision.